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The Bestseller

You know writing romance novels is what you want to do, and you're ready to do all you can to make your book a success.

Is this you?

  • You know how important editing is to your manuscript, and you want to give your book the best chance to get great reviews.

  • Your plan is to self-publish full-time, and you're ready to set your book up for success, making sure the story is airtight and your writing is nearly flawless.

  • You know you're investing in your small business through editing, and you want the best value with an edit that will do wonders for your book.

  • You want your book to have as few mistakes or issues as possible, so you want to be sure it's reviewed in-depth and more than once.

If you want an editor who will work with you, support you, and be a teammate in the editing and self-publishing process, The Bestseller is perfect for you.
Outdoor Book Club

How It Works...

1 hour consultation for questions/collaboration between rounds of editing
An editor's letter further explaining suggestions, corrections, and story highlights
Two rounds of content editing focused on:
  • Minor story editing
  • Typos and spelling
  • Word usage
  • Consistency
  • Grammar and Punctuation
​20 business days of post-edit email support for lingering questions and possible changes

Price: $1,499

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