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It's time to take your manuscript to the next level.

You’ve written your manuscript, and you’re ready to take the next step in the self-publishing journey. You want to know readers will enjoy your amazing story without tripping over mistakes. You want to feel confident when you launch the novel and be proud to tell all your family and friends about it. You want your editing to elevate and highlight your unique voice, not change it completely.

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I’ve been editing since 2014, and starting The Romantic Editorial Services in 2019 has let me help authors polish their manuscripts and know they’re ready to publish and market their romance novels.

My clients have gained confidence in their writing, received amazing reviews after publishing, and come back time and time again to work on their novels together.

I can’t wait to help you do the same.

My Process

Step 1- Contact Me

The first step is to book your Consultation and Sample Edit. You can do that here, or after you're done exploring my editing packages described below. After you've booked your consultation, please send the first 50 pages of your manuscript to me at for your sample edit.

Step 2- Consultation and Sample Edit

Meet with me in our scheduled welcome consultation over Zoom, so we can both get to know each other. In this meeting, we'll discuss your sample edit, what package might be the best option for you, how the service will work, and schedule a start date.

Step 3- Editing Time

Editing will look different depending on the package that is best for you and your novel. The editing I offer would be best described as line editing, so I review your story; assure consistency; fix paragraph- and sentence-level issues; and correct issues with spelling, word usage, and grammar. I do give comments on story-level concepts or issues as well, as this is an essential part of ensuring your book is reader-ready.


You can read about the specifics of each package below.

Step 4- Post-Editing Support

The editing process may be done, but don't worry! I won't leave you yet. After you've received your final round of editing and begin reviewing your book again before publication, you can still reach me for one to four weeks by email, so you can ask any lingering questions or about any final changes you may want to make.

Step 5- Love Your Finished Book

Finally, after all this, you can love your finished book! You'll feel confident in your writing. You'll know you're ready to publish and market your book to all the romance readers who just can't wait to get their hands on it and give you great reviews.

Editing Options





A Quick


The Bestseller is for you if you want a near-flawless manuscript that will blow readers away. This package offers you two rounds of editing with lots of support and will be perfect to get your book ready for readers and position yourself to be successful in self-publishing.

The Publisher Treatment is for you if you want the VIP editing treatment you would get if you were working with a traditional publisher. With three rounds of editing, one post-formatting proofread, a month of post-editing support, and more, your book will stand up and above others.

This is for you if you know you need editing and want a thorough review of your romance manuscript, but need to keep it simple. In the Quick Clean-Up, the single round of editing will clear up most story issues or inconsistencies and catch most sentence-level, dialogue, and usual grammar issues.

Writing a Diary
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