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Wrapping Up 2020

This year … has been one for the books. But, while lots of bad has happened in the world, I’ve seen the resilience and kindness of the romance writing community. The majority of the authors in the romance writing world are amazing, and all of those I have met, interacted with, and/or worked with are just incredible people all around.

In this week’s post, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge this and thank everyone for being so great. We are all trying to grow in the world of romance writing, and it is so awesome to see what everyone does to be there for and support their fellow authors.

It is truly amazing to see a community like this, where so many authors pull together to share each other’s news and books. Every shoutout, share, and review I see makes me so happy to be part of it all.

As an editor, I’ve never been so excited to work with authors as I have been since starting The Romantic Editorial Services. Thank you all for supporting each other and supporting me and The Romantic. Growing and creating alongside such awesome authors is all I’ve aspired to and worked for.

In the coming year, I am hoping to find and start new ways to help you all. I am even more excited to see all of the amazing books you will write and all of the other wonderful things I know you will do.

With that, I am looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020. I’ve never been so excited to usher in a new year because, hopefully, 2021 will bring us all the fantastic things.

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