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Why Do We Consider Paranormal Creatures Sexy?

As made obvious by the millions of paranormal romance novels out there, we romance readers and writers find paranormal creatures sexy. But, some may ask why this is. What is it about these mythical characters that keep us coming back for more? We’ve decided to discuss a few of these reasons below.

  1. To begin, most legends say that paranormal creatures are naturally more attractive as a way to lure in us humans. Whether they’re looking for prey or a partner, most paranormal creatures such as vampires and werewolves and mermaids are supernaturally beautiful. This beauty is part of their predatory tool chest to help attract humans to them. It’s not hard to be attracted to someone who is literally genetically produced to tempt you in every way possible.

  2. They are naturally stronger, more agile, and more graceful. These creatures are those that usually “move lithely” or “stalk” through a crowd. The grace and agility that comes with their powers goes beyond someone just having good balance or not being a klutz. Not to mention, they’re usually crazy strong. Who wouldn’t want to see the bulging muscles while the paranormal hunk blocks a car from hitting you?

  3. There is a little bit of danger involved. Risk always adds a bit of heightened interest, and we would all be lying if we said this wasn’t part of the reason why we loved our paranormal heroes and heroines. For instance, there is always the worry your vampire heartthrob might get a little too excited one day and bite you; and while this is dangerous, you still want to see if you could get them that turned on. Whether the risk is coming from an enemy or from loving the beings themselves, it often seems worth it.

  4. Relationships can be more difficult, but the end usually reveals the couple to be soulmates. Often the relationships between humans and their paranormal partner have a big conflict to overcome, whether it be the differences in their worlds or some external conflict that is trying to hurt the couple. This can add both more danger and a deterrent to the relationship. But, most of the paranormal relationships such as this end with a deeper, soul-level connection anyone would want to have.

  5. Let’s talk about the strength again. Strength can always be fun and sexy. The attraction in the case of strength here is a little different than in topic #2. Although the protectiveness and safety that is offered in their strength is appealing, this time their strength is more sexy in the sense that they can have a bit of control over you. Maybe this also plays into the danger of being with a paranormal creature, but love scenes often include instances of the heroes taking control and being able to hold the heroine down with just one hand. Though the protection is nice, the appeal of strength is definitely two-fold here.

  6. They’re mysterious. Mystery is always a fun thing; it keeps you on your toes and helps to add to that aura of risk that surrounds the paranormal creature. Often, they keep apart from the humans who surround them, and it is the unknown that helps draw other characters to them. They want to know more about the paranormal hero or heroine and what makes them tick.

Though there may be more reasons why paranormal creatures are so attractive to humans, those listed above are the most often discussed (and I have to admit, they’re pretty good reasons). I’m sure due to their many amazing attributes, both generally great and extremely sexy, we will all continue to love these mythical creatures in our paranormal romances for years to come.

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