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Paranormal Romance Movies for Halloween in Case You Don't Like Horror

Halloween is today, and that means people are all about scary stuff. Why? I don’t know--I hate being scared, which is why I don’t ever watch horror movies on Halloween. So, in case you wanted to avoid the horror like I plan to today, here is a list of paranormal romance movies that I’m sure you’ll love.

Warm Bodies (2013)

Comedic Paranormal Romance

An unlikely romance between a beautiful human teen and a sensitive undead slacker sets off a chain of events with the power to transform the world.

Beastly (2011)

Dramatic Paranormal Romance

Spoiled, shallow high school student Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) is cursed by classmate Kendra (Mary-kate Olsen), a witch masquerading as a student. She transforms him into someone as unattractive on the outside as he is on the side. Now he has one year to convince an unassuming classmate, Lindsey (Vanessa Hudgens), to see past his surface and love him, or he’ll remain ‘beastly’ forever.

Penelope (2008)

Sweet Paranormal Romance

A modern romantic tale about a young aristocratic heiress born under a curse that can only be broken when she finds true love with “one who will love her faithfully.”

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (2005)

Sweet Paranormal Romance

Tim Burton presents a stop-motion animation of a young man who is whisked away to the underworld and wed to a mysterious Corpse Bride while his real bride waits in the land of the living.

Phantom of the Opera (2004)

Dramatic Paranormal Romance

A young soprano becomes the obsession of a disfigured and murderous musical genius who lives beneath the Paris Opera House.

Just Like Heaven (2005)

Sweet Paranormal Romance

He’s convinced she’s a spirit. She’s convinced she’s still alive. As they search for the truth of Elizabeth’s path, their relationship changes from resentment to romance.

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (2016)

Comedic and Dramatic Paranormal Romance

Elizabeth Bennet a master of martial arts, and Mr. Darcy, a fierce zombie killer, must swallow their pride in order to conquer the undead.

Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Dramatic Paranormal Romance

Ethan longs to escape his small Southern town. He meets a mysterious new girl, Lena. Together, they uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their town.

Practical Magic (1998)

Sweet and Dramatic Paranormal Romance

Two witch sisters, raised by their eccentric aunts in a small town, face closed-minded prejudice and a curse which threatens to prevent them ever finding lasting love.

Dark Shadows (2012)

Comedic Paranormal Romance

After being turned into a vampire by a jilted lover, Barnabas (Johnny Depp) is entombed for two centuries until he emerges into the very changed world of 1972.

Bewitched (2005)

Comedic Paranormal Romance

Thinking he can overshadow an unknown actress in the part, an egocentric actor unknowingly gets a witch cast in an upcoming television remake of the classic sitcom Bewitched (1964).

Van Helsing (2004)

Action Paranormal Romance

The notorious monster hunter is sent to Transylvania to stop Count Dracula who is using Dr. Frankenstein's research and a werewolf for some sinister purpose.

Most of these are favorites of mine, and I love to watch them all October long. Not only are they romantic, but they're guaranteed not to give you nightmares. Have a happy Halloween!


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