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How Vivian Mae Used Personalized Editing to Lay the Foundation for a Successful Debut Romance Novel

In 2020, Vivian Mae began preparing to self-publish her debut romance novel. Her goals were originally to write books and start her Instagram to explore connections and begin building a following. As she started to look more and more into what it took to make a successful self-published romance novel, she was shocked to see just how much actually went into it. But even as she found out about what goes into self-publishing though, she knew that this was what she really wanted.

She knew editing was an important step in publishing her book and setting it up for success, but she didn’t know where to start or what kind of editing she may need.

Many editors lay out their prices and services, and it is up to the author to identify what they need. Though many authors have an idea of what editing they need, it can be hard to choose the best plan right away.

Victoria Helps Vivian Move in the Right Direction

Vivian reached out to Victoria for two reasons. One, Victoria specializes in romance novel editing, and two, Vivian wasn’t sure how the editing process would work and was overwhelmed by the hectiness of the self-publishing process. Victoria had a plan to help Vivian get her novel ready for publication, so Vivian could focus on other aspects of the process.

Personalized Editing Plan

Victoria started the process by evaluating Vivian’s novel to help her understand what sort of changes were needed in her novel and why. She recommended the service that would benefit Vivian the most and discussed what the focuses would be.

Professionally Written Book Blurb

A book blurb or the back cover description is what sells readers on your story. It draws them in and convinces that casual browser to buy your book. Vivian and Victoria decided a professionally written book blurb would help since Vivian had never written one before. She was then able to use this blurb to start promoting her book and help bring in pre-orders.

Continued Author-Editor Relationship

While communication during the editing process was one of Vivian’s favorite parts of working with Victoria, it didn’t end there. Victoria was there to answer any questions Vivian had after, and they’ve kept in touch while Vivian has been planning and writing her second book.

Reviews Less Than a Year After Publication

“I do have a day job and my dream is to become a full-time author, which is a possibility given the great response my debut novel had. It’s a beacon of hope that my dreams can come true.”


Self-publishing is a multi-faceted process, but if you want to be able to get great reviews and grow your career, you have to start with great professional editing. It’s the groundwork to launch your novel the best way possible.

Having an editor who specializes in romance novels will help you create the editing plan that is best for you and your novel is essential. The specialized expertise will give you a leg up with the other novels your potential readers are trying to decide between.

The Romantic Editorial Services has helped many authors worldwide, both new and previously published, to achieve success in their romance careers.

“I am close to wrapping up my second steamy romance novel and will be hiring Victoria for this project as well! She’s too good not to work with again. I value her opinions and even with the service I purchased, Victoria went above and beyond by providing additional feedback to help my storyline.

“I’d recommend The Romantic Editorial Services to all romance authors whether they are seasoned or new. Anytime a peer is in need of an editor, Victoria is the first person I recommend.”


To learn more about my services and to contact me about scheduling your editing consultation, click here.

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