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Hey there!

I'm Victoria Hadley.

Book Editor for Self-Published Romance Authors


My Story

I'm a book editor who focuses on using editing to not only make a manuscript as close to flawless as possible, but to build an author's confidence in their book and get them great reviews from readers.

After studying Writing & Rhetoric and Linguistics at the University of Central Florida, my eyes were beyond open to misconceptions of grammar we all have, and I had such a greater understanding of the use of language and how that can be applied to editing novels. 

After working for a self-publishing company for a few years, churning out edit after edit without ever speaking to an author, I knew there had to be a better way to do it. I wanted to help authors, not only with their grammar and plot holes, but with their style and marketing and publishing plan and confidence. I wanted to be a team member to my authors, not a faceless editor who added commas and told them random sentences didn't make sense.

And in 2019, I started The Romantic Editorial Services to do just that. I knew self-publishing could be a successful avenue for romance authors who wanted to take advantage of it. I've dedicated myself to helping authors however I can and become a member of their self-publishing team.

If you have the right people with you making sure you're moving in the right direction, self-publishing romance novels could be a full-time career.

P.S. This is Shadow

You'll probably be hearing a lot about him.

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