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Helping self-published romance authors get amazing reviews, gain confidence in their novel, and have a near-flawless manuscript through

Book Editing

Ready to build your self-publishing plan right now?

Your stories are meant to be read.

You love romance novels, and you want to share your stories with readers.

You've put your heart and soul, sweat and tears, and every extra hour into your romance novel.

Now you're ready to get your novel reader-ready and feel confident that it will get great reviews, so you can stand out in the self-publishing world.

You've found your people.

How We Do It

The Three Elements of Editing

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Review the Story

Your story is amazing, and it will connect with so many readers. But before it gets to them, you want to make sure there are no lingering plot holes, confusing pieces, or inconsistent details.

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Fix the Mistakes

Part of immersing your readers in your book is making sure there aren't typos, wrong words, or confusing sentences to trip them up. You want them to seep into the story and just flow with your words.

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Deeper than Grammar

A lot of the grammar rules you've learned aren't so black and white, or they're just wrong. Language is meant to help us communicate, not stifle us. That means your book can sound like you and still be grammatically correct.

Hey! I'm Victoria Hadley.

I help romance authors position themselves for success in self-publishing, so they feel beyond confident in their stories and get great reviews once they’ve launched their books.

Since 2019, I’ve worked with several authors on tightening their stories, catching their mistakes, and ensuring their books were reader-ready before publication. After publication, they’ve received amazing reviews, and a few have achieved bestseller status.

I know what it’s like to write a novel and put your heart and soul into it. My job isn’t to strip your story of your voice and personality; it’s to highlight your unique story and voice and polish your writing to ensure romance readers will love you and your book.

I’m an editor who grew up reading only romance novels, who has been able to help authors who want to self-publish and are ready to launch their endeavor the right way.

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The Romantic's Blog



"Currently, as a romance author, I am close to wrapping up my second stand-alone steamy romance and will be hiring Victoria for this project as well! She's too good to not work with again. I value her opinions and even with the service I purchased, Victoria went above and beyond by providing additional feedback to help with my storyline. I'd recommend The Romantic Editorial Services to all romance authors whether they are seasoned or new. Anytime a peer is in need of an editor, Victoria is the first person I recommend."

Vivian Mae

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